Cindy Nell-Roberts’ beautiful baby boy

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11 August 2011

Her life might once have been dominated by fashion shoots, modelling sessions and A-list parties but for now everything has taken a back seat to the most important thing in her life – her son.

“Who’s a handsome boy?” she coos and littleEthan rewards her with a smile. It’s the little man’s first photoshoot – his media debut – and YOU has the privilege of introducing him to the world.

Cindy Nell-Roberts (29) and her husband, Clive Roberts (40), haven’t been ready to show him off until now – and here he is, 11 weeks old, blue-eyed, dark-haired and cute as a button.

Cindy had a Caesarean delivery and says the experience was nowhere near as dramatic as she’d imagined it would be – intense but unlike anything in the movies. “It was actually the most beautiful experience, very quiet and calm with Clive by my side for support,” she recalls.

Ethan was big at birth, weighing in at an impressive 4,1 kg, and was wide awake from the start. “He looked like a toddler already,” Cindy says. “And look at him now – just 11 weeks old and so tall.”

Clive didn’t go to bed the night after his son was born, staying up all night to make sure he was fine. “I just stared at him,” he says.

Cindy laughs. “I was so tired I passed out but when I got up to check the baby I saw Clive, still up. I think he was too nervous to take his eyes off him for a second.”

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