Cindy on Survivor and marriage

By admin
27 January 2010

When former Miss South Africa CINDY NELL-ROBERTS saw herself on TV afterwards she realised she was up against a completely different challenge from those she’d faced on the island in Survivor: Santa Carolina.

“I looked so fat in my turquoise bikini. I’m on diet now. ”

Hardly the image of the glamorous model and Pasella presenter we know - but that’s why Cindy (28) agreed to take part in the gritty reality show.

She found the experience tough from the start. “They said we were allowed to take whatever we could wear so we just piled on as many layers of clothing as possible,” she says. “I ended up swimming with four outfits on and using my Crocs as paddles. My ski pants are waterproof and I used them later on to carry water and the dress doubled up as a blanket because it was very cold at night.”

And don’t think what you’re seeing on TV bears any resemblance to what the contestants went through. “It looks like we’re going camping but it was far, far worse. Would I do it again? Not even for R1 million upfront!”

But the experience wasn’t all bad, she says. She enjoyed designing the tribe’s second shelter after the first one was destroyed by a storm, bonding with the other contestants and doing yoga on the beach with ProVerb.

What did Cindy miss most? Her businessman husband, Clive Roberts, she says without hesitation. “And not just because he makes me coffee every morning.”

“Clive is the total opposite of me - he’s the most relaxed person on Earth and I’m the most hyper. I’m all over the place. He’s so good for me. He calms me down. I stress about everything all the time but there’s nothing short of World War 3 that could stress Clive out.”

For now their three pooches - terrier Jackie, Jack Russell Indy and Doberman Laia - are their kids but they’ll probably start working on a family next year. Their other baby is their business - Cosmetix, which imports Essence beauty products, and their Caribbean Tan self-tan range.

Cindy is also finishing her book on the modelling and beauty pageant industry and she holds women’s workshops around the county. In addition she recently released a how-to DVD of dance steps recorded with her Strictly Come Dancing partner, Jonathan Broadway. (See the Win channel for your chance to win a copy.)

Unfortunately these new projects have meant she’s had to drop Pasella and v

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