Claire Danes: Ugly acting doesn't worry me!

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14 November 2014

Claire Danes isn't bothered about how she looks while acting.

The 35-year-old star has landed one of her biggest role to date in hit drama series Homeland, in which she plays bi-polar CIA agent Carrie Mathison. Her character is known for her dramatic crying sequences and many spoof videos of her onscreen antics have been made, such as one featuring Anne Hathaway on Saturday Night Live.

'I've never been terribly preoccupied with how I look performing'

But Claire isn't fazed by the attention surrounding her scrunched up face as she knows the appearance adds to the overall mood of the scene.

"I've never been terribly preoccupied with how I look performing. Certainly Carrie is not defined by her attractiveness," Claire pointed out to the British edition of Glamour magazine.

"Y'know, I have never had braces! I guess I got real lucky," she added.

The blonde beauty is a far cry from her alter ego in the photoshoot to accompany the interview. Her honey-coloured tresses are worn down and wavy and her lips are decorated with a coat of dark coral lipstick. In one shot she looks relaxed in a knitted lime green jumper and black shiny skirt, while in another she rocks a more edgy outfit made up of a leather skirt and tucked in T-shirt.

Claire's passion for acting begun at a young age and her first big part was in TV show My So-Called Life opposite Jared Leto. As a teenager she was heavily influenced by the likes of hip-hop and grunge, which was reflected through her choice of clothes.

"I wore a lot of overalls. Baggy clothes were very convenient for my generation," she added. "Our bodies were undergoing a terrifying metamorphosis, so it was a relief to just put a bag over it all, hide in a sea of cloth."

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