Cleaning staff make horrifying discovery in aeroplane toilet

By admin
11 October 2016

It happened shortly after the flight landed on Sunday.

An investigation has been launched after cleaners of a Qatar Airlines Dreamliner aircraft found a dead baby shortly after the flight landed in Jakarta on Sunday. They found the body of a prematurely born baby, wrapped in toilet paper, in the aircrafts toilet. The foetus is estimated to have been carried by the mother for between five and seven months.

A female passenger, believed to be of Indonesian descent, will be questioned by police regarding the incident.

Middle Eastern countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are popular destinations for Indonesian workers, especially women who work as cleaners and send the money back to their families in Indonesia.

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Abortions are illegal in Indonesia, except in cases where the women’s life is in danger. In cases of rape and foetal abnormalities abortions can be carried out up until six weeks.

According to reports many doctors and clinics also don’t help unmarried women.


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