Clever pup saves his family from a house fire – twice!

By Kirstin Buick
23 October 2015

Thanks to the quick thinking of a Pekingese dog named Levi, a family were able to escape their home unharmed when a fire started in the attic.

Little Levi smelled the smoke and started "running around like crazy and barking" his owner Karen Freitag, of Massachusetts in the US, told local press. Her husband Joe and 22-year-old son were at home when the fire broke out. Thanks to Levi though, "we smelled the smoke and we got right out," Joe said. This is not the first time their pooch has saved them from a fire. The first one broke out in 2009, Karen said, but didn't elaborate.

But lucky Levi will be rewarded for his efforts. "He's got a steak dinner in his very near future," she said.

Source: The Berkshire Eagle,

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