Cody Simpson

By admin
21 January 2014

He’s the cutie from Down Under who’s giving The Biebs a run for his money! Meet Cody Simpson – pop’s latest teen sensation.

- Before he got into singing Cody (16) was a swimming champ, winning two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships in Australia (he can save us any day!).

- He started out by recording covers of pop songs in his bedroom and putting them on YouTube. In 2009 hotshot record producer Shawn Campbell (who’s produced for Jay-Z) stumbled across them and boom – he got signed.

- He supported Justin Bieber during the Aussie leg of his Believe tour and the two are now besties. “Me and Justin like to do teenage stuff – we recently visited a haunted house which was so cool!” Cody says.

- His new album, Paradise, with the singles Wish U Were Here and Got Me Good is “about girls”. “Obviously that’s what I write about as a teenage kid,” he says.

- When it comes to fashion Cody loves suits and Gangnam Style Korean rapper Psy. “I like his saying, ‘Dress class, dance crazy’. I think it’s genius,” he says.


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