Colin Farrell reveals son's hilarious nickname

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17 October 2015

Colin Farrell has nicknamed his youngest son "the wrap gift that keeps on giving" as he met his mother on set.

The Irish actor and Alicja Bachleda-Curus starred in 2009 movie Ondine together, with Alicja giving birth to their son Henry that year. As the shoot resulted in him becoming a father for the second time, it's a film which will always be extra special to Colin.

"I’d probably have to say the character in Ondine – not so much the character, but because my youngest son Henry was born of that experience: or as I call him, the wrap gift that keeps on giving," he told Esquire, when asked which of his characters had stayed with him the longest. "I met Henry’s mum on that film, so that was the most profound experience in regard to how it’s affected the rest of my life."

'I met Henry’s mum on that film'

Colin opened up about some other moments which have stayed with him too, including one involving fellow Irish star Pierce Brosnan. The two bumped into each other in Los Angeles about a decade ago, when Pierce gave Colin some advice.

"I had a meeting... and remember him coming out and wrapping his arms around me, giving me a big hug," he recalled. "He just told me to keep being bold. I don’t know what I’ve done with that but I remember thinking that was a really lovely thing to say to a young man."

Colin plays David in his latest movie The Lobster, which is about people who are forced to find a partner within 45 days. If they aren't successful they are turned into animals, with the star explaining that in real life he'd choose to be some kind of bird because he'd like to fly.

Although the concept of the flick is confusing, at its heart it's about love. That is something Colin can relate to, even though finding that special someone has proved difficult now he's so well known. At one point in his career the hunk was viewed as something of a womaniser, but he's now happily single.

"I don’t date," he told "The whole dating thing is a weird one for me. I hear that word and I kind of internally recoil. It seems like a very American concept that I can’t quite grasp the structure of... the whole dating game. I can’t say I’ve been on bad dates, really, or on any."

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