Colin Firth: I'm a lover, not a fighter

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03 February 2015

Colin Firth thinks he is "the least probable person" to be involved in a fight.

The 54-year-old is currently starring in Kingsman: The Secret Service. The film sees the Brit play a gentleman spy who can kick ass when he needs to. And Colin admits it's a role that will surprise many. "One of the reasons [director Matthew Vaughn] wanted to cast me in this was that he wanted the least probable person in the world to fight," he explained to the British edition of Elle. "I can bring all the expected stuff of playing buttoned-up gentleman, but the surprise comes when I do the moves. It's the idea of: 'Get out of the way, Grandad, or you're going to get hurt.'"

'no one was more aware than I am that I am not 20 years old'

As for those 'moves', Colin had to go through some serious training to learn how to fight. For the father-of-three, it was all rather mortifying.

"All of these guys came around, and I was a bit... scared. The training would be trying to get bits of me moving that hadn't moved for years. Just to get the hinges going," he explained. "Because no one was more aware than I am that I am not 20 years old. And I wasn't doing this stuff when I was 20 - I had no history of it. They were able to do these extraordinary things and I just felt embarrassed that our lives had taken such different paths."

Colin worked with a guy who had trained Jackie Chan, someone who was a six-time Thai boxing champion and another who was an Olympic gymnast. The Pride & Prejudice star spent six months with the men to get everything right for the flick; he just hopes that the audience realise it's him and not a stunt double.

"I didn't go through all that pain to not have it established that it was me," he said.

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