Colin Firth talks Tinder

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23 January 2015

Colin Firth thinks Tinder is like a throwback to "courtly love".

The British actor appears in Kingsman: The Secret Service, an action comedy about English gentlemen who operate as badass secret agents.

At 54, the star has been married to his wife Livia since 1997 and they have three children together. His successful relationship means he hasn't had to bother with new-fangled methods of dating - although it does intrigue him.

"I’m curious about this, because my dating days pre-date technology. What is this thing called Tinder?" he marvelled to ShortList magazine, before receiving a quick explanation from his 25-year-old Kingsman co-star Taron Egerton.

"So Tinder is actually a nod back to the era of courtly love, when a man had to compose a song rather than just saying, ‘Do you fancy some?’ in the pub. I think using courtship skills – the written word – gives men a chance to formulate something that doesn't depend on just spluttering face to face. Perhaps Tinder affords men the serenity to craft a decent overture?"

While Colin might struggle to grasp the concept of dating in 2015, Taron is a bit more experienced. But rather than opt for virtual introductions, he took the initiative and stopped a girl on the Tube once, telling her she's gorgeous and asking her if she'd like to go out

But the handsome actor came over all coy when asked about the outcome.

"Oh God, this is going to be printed... Er, I took half a day off drama school and we went on a date," he stammered.

"But, as much as I could do with a bit of Tinder right now, it’s always going to make a better story if you offer someone an umbrella in the rain. When kids ask their parents how they met in ten years, the answer is going to be, 'I DM’d yer mum on Twitter.' It’s hardly the start of a romantic novel, is it?"

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