Colour-coded captain

By admin
23 August 2014

A sailor runs up to the ship’s captain...

A sailor runs up to the ship’s captain.

“Sir!” he shouts, “an enemy ship is approaching!”

The captain calmly replies, “Go get my red shirt.”

The sailor runs off and gets the captain his red shirt.

Soon the enemy ship comes into view but after heavy rounds of fire are exchanged, retreats again. The sailor approaches the captain.

“Congratulations on winning the battle, sir,”he says, “but I’d like to know, why the red shirt?”

“Well,” the captain replies, “it’s in case I got injured – I wouldn’t have wanted my men to see my blood because they might have lost hope.”

Just then another sailor runs up and says,

“Sir, we just spotted another 20 enemy ships heading this way!”

“Quick,” the captain says, “bring me my brown pants.”

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