Confessions of a curly head

By admin
28 May 2013

If my hair and I were friends on Facebook, the relationship status would probably say ‘It’s complicated”.

It’s not that we hate each other, we just don’t always want the same things, like any normal partnership. I suspect it’s like that for many women with super, viciously curly, thick, dry hair.

But after many, many years together and some nasty fights along the way we at least understand each other. And the one thing we both want is a product that gives us control over the frizz but allows us to still wear it curly.

I have an absolute weakness when it comes to hair products. If it shouts the word “curly” hair, my credit card seems to pop out of my purse on its own in my continuous search for the perfect, perfect styling product.

I have come close. Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt quick-drying styling glaze has been a good friend to me and my temperamental hair for many years. There have been others but this one is kind and we both like it. So imagine my excitement when I read about the Paul Mitchell Curls range and imagine my hair’s excitement when I got to test the Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream-Gel (is that not the best name?) R245 for 150 ml

But, of course, nothing is easy with my hair the first time around. The first day went badly when I lathered it on as I would a gel or cream but it’s a gel-cream and needs to be applied more carefully. Once applied properly, it held the curl but I didn’t really like the sticky feeling of the gel cream.

Day two and three I got soft manageable curls but there was a bit of crunch which I’m not wild about and still wasn’t liking the sticky feeling. The curls lasted through the day, it controlled the frizz and it smelled lovely too. So I can definitely recommend but only to curly/wavy-haired folks who don’t mind the crunch.

There are other products in the range I am keen to try, especially the Spring-Loaded Detangling Shampoo and Full Circle Leave-In Treatment (okay, seriously, these names are amazing).

-By Natalie Cavernelis

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