'Couch-gate' – the latest scandal to hit the White House

By Khatija Nxedlana
01 March 2016

It’s a picture of a 50-year-old woman kneeling on a couch in an office – what’s the big deal?

Well, it’s not just any woman, kneeling on any couch in any office. She’s the Counselor to US President Donald Trump Kelleyanne Conway who’s kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office - and the image has caused quite a stir on social media.

The picture was captured during a meeting between President Trump and leaders from historically black colleges and universities.

Many on social media have called her out, saying her conduct showed disrespect.

In a televised interview with Fox News, Conway defended herself saying the room was crowded and there was nowhere to stand. She says she was trying to get a good angle to take pictures for some members of the press who had requested them. She says she meant no disrespect to the President. “I of course respect the office of the president and its current occupant.” “I’m always amazed what actually qualifies as news on a day where there is so much of it, I would implore people look at the substance of what the President is doing with historically black colleges and universities”. Watch the video below:

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