Could sex schedules save marriages?

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10 November 2015

Relationship experts are urging couples to draw up a sex schedule to stop lovemaking becoming just another chore on their long list of household jobs. Most romances go through rough patches, with people complaining they are too tired, busy, stressed or simply just not in the mood to get intimate with their other half. While it may seem unnatural to put a lot of planning into having sex, professionals in the field are now insisting that introducing deadlines could actually save a relationship.

Sex expert Tracey Cox says couples rarely feel amorous at the same time, due to conflicting schedules or commitments. She recommends sitting down to agree on a time to reconnect, insisting a thorough discussion beforehand is crucial.

'Set aside some ‘us time’ and stick to it'

“Set aside some ‘us time’ and stick to it,' Tracey told MailOnline. “This doesn't work if you don't plan what you're going to do with that time - otherwise sex then just becomes another chore on your to do list.

“If you both take turns to plan doing something different - like taking a bath together first, trying something new and exciting, watching an erotic film together - it can work well.”

Sex and relationship expert at Lucy Jones says you must find a time that suits you both, to ensure maximum satisfaction.

“I have a friend who always has sex with her husband straight after watching their favourite period drama. Find what works for you!” Lucy revealed.

Setting up regular date nights can also put some spice back into a flagging marriage. Founder and editor of the Sex & London City blog, Nixalina Watson, urges couples with children to hire a babysitter and go out for dinner as much as possible.

Other tips include having sex before you go to work if you or your partner is often too tired at the end of a long day in the office. You could also suggest taking a day off work to unwind in bed and spend time with the one you love. If you don’t feel in the mood but your partner is, Tracey advises giving things a chance and have a kiss and cuddle before you decide whether to take things further.

For anyone bored of bedroom sex sessions, why not try exploring other places? Many people are only too glad to fall into bed and sleep once they have brushed their teeth, so mix things up and get steamy elsewhere.

“Once my friend's twins are asleep in their cots, then it's all systems go,” Nixalina explained. “They have the rest of the house to play with, if you get my drift.”

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