Could you train your brain to lose weight? New online game could result in weight loss in just one week

By Kirstin Buick
07 July 2015

British scientists claim to have developed a game that may result in 0,7kg weight loss in just seven days.

The game is part of an ongoing study by researchers from the Exeter University and Cardiff University. As part of the initial study, 41 people lost about 0,7kg every week over the course of six months. Their weight loss even continued after the six-month trial had concluded.

The findings were published in the journal Appetite, on June 15.

In conjunction with Daily Mail, the team have developed a 10-minute version of the game to test their theory, which participants should play four times in one week.

'Players' will be asked to respond to certain images (mostly healthy foods or clothes) by tapping specific keys on their keyboards, and refrain from responding to other images (unhealthy foods like cookies or chocolate).

"These findings are among the first to suggest that a brief, simple computerised tool can change people's everyday eating behaviour, " Dr Natalia Lawrence, who headed up the study, said.

"This opens up exciting possibilities for new behaviour change interventions based on underlying psychological processes."

But she was quick to point out that this training was not a "cure" for obesity.

For more info or to take part in the study, click here.


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