Councillor goes to the bathroom – with his microphone still on!

By admin
05 May 2015

An embarrassed city councillor in Texas learnt the hard way what happens when you don’t switch off your microphone.

The Georgetown councillor excused himself from a recent formal council meeting to go to the bathroom – but forget to switch off the microphone he was wearing.

He was unaware that his visit to the bathroom was being broadcast to the council hall, “entertaining” everyone present at the meeting.

Councillor Rachael Jonrowe was delivering a serious speech about contagious diseases when the sounds coming from the bathroom threw her off track.

A video of the embarrassing moment, which has been distributed on YouTube, shows Jonrowe trying in vain to keep a straight face as the sounds of the man using a toilet echoed through the hall.

To make matters worse, it appears the councillor also forgot to wash his hands.


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