Couple in court after allegedly acting out horrific 'sexual fantasy' on adoptive daughter

By Kirstin Buick
10 January 2017

The couple reportedly spent a year planning the gruesome act.

A couple from Pennsylvania in the US gave in to a gruesome sex fantasy, after which they evaded police for almost five months.

But Jacob Sullivan (44) and his girlfriend, Sara Packer (41), are now in custody and facing serious criminal charges – amongst them conspiracy to rape, sexual assault, murder, kidnapping and the disfigurement of a body.

The arrests are the conclusion to what is proving to be a gruesome tale of a couple’s sex fantasy leading to rape, murder and dismemberment.

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It all started when Sara allegedly derived sexual pleasure from looking on in July last year as Jacob raped Sara’s adoptive 14-year-old daughter, Grace Packer. Thereafter the couple allegedly murdered Grace, dismembered her and hid the body parts in nearby woods.

Sara Packer. PHOTO: Bucks County District Attorney's office Sara Packer. PHOTO: Bucks County District Attorney's office

Her body was discovered on Halloween weekend last year, after which the couple were arrested, MailOnline reports.

The remains were discovered on 31 October by hunters. In his confession Jacob describes how he dismembered Grace’s body in the bath with a chainsaw, put the body parts in refuse bags and hid the bags in the woods.

Prosecutors say the despicable acts were fuelled by Sara and Jacob’s collective hatred of Grace and that they’d allegedly been planning it for a year. According to the charge sheet the couple also shared a rape and murder fantasy which they enacted on Grace, reports The Mirror.

Jacob Sullivan. PHOTO: Bucks County District Attorney's office Jacob Sullivan. PHOTO: Bucks County District Attorney's office

According to prosecutors Jacob assaulted and raped Grace while Sara looked on for her own sexual pleasure. After this, the 14-year-old was smothered.

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A few days after the alleged murder, Sara reported Grace missing to police, saying the teenager had run away from home. Sara even handed police a forged letter which she said she’d found in the house after Grace’s “disappearance”. In the typed letter “Grace” writes that she feels she’s a burden to the family and so decided to leave.

At his first court appearance Jacob told reporters he was sorry for what he’d done.

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