Couple reunited after 65 years apart

By Samantha Luiz
23 October 2015

"I saw him in my dreams. He was always in my heart."

A couple separated by the Korean War have been briefly reunited after 65 years apart.

South Korea's Lee Soon-kyu (85) and North Korea's Oh In-se (83) were only seven months into their marriage when they were separated by the inter-Korean fighting. At the time, Lee was also five months pregnant.

"I saw him in my dreams," Lee told South Korean News Agency YonHap.

'I am sure that he was captured and forced'

Because of the continued political conflict, Oh couldn't go back home after the War. So for than sixty years, they were, along with other families, forbidden to communicate via phone or letters.

"He was always in my heart. I could not tell anyone about it because it would not solve anything for me. I am sure that he was captured and forced. I want to tell him that I am thankful that he is still alive after all those painful days."

Their son, Jang-gyun Oh (65) has finally met and hugged his father decades later.

"I really want to say the word 'father' out loud," he said.

"I have missed him my entire life."

According to some reports, Jang-gyun also wanted his father to take his mother’s hand and apologize for the years she had to spend without him.

While Oh was able to start a new family in North Korea, being a single mother was not easy for his mother, says Jang-gyun. She had to work on a farm during the day while working as a tailor at night.

The reunion was organised by The South Korea Red Cross. They organize inter-Korean reunions for some of the millions of people separated during the Korean War.


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