Couple with Down Syndrome get married in magical 'WedFest'

By Pieter van Zyl
09 January 2017

Since they met eight years ago at school, Polly and Joe have known they would one day have a magical wedding.

Since they met eight years ago at school Polly and Joe Gibson have known they would one day have a magical wedding.

They were born with Down Syndrome, which Joe calls Up Syndrome because it doesn’t limit them. They are as much in love as any young married couple.

When they married a few months ago in Surrey, England, their wedding was such a unique event that it made it into the glossy pages of Rock n Roll Bride, a magazine for “alternative brides”.

Polly and Joe dubbed their wedding day a WedFest, and they shared it with 200 guests. At the reception they sat on a unicorn-shaped throne, their waiters sang songs, their wedding cake was decorated with brightly coloured sprinkles and there was plenty of dancing.

“We both love to sing and dance and we chose our favourite songs to play,” Polly says. “Joe and his brother walked down the red carpet to the sound of You’ve Got A Friend In Me and I walked down the red carpet to When You Wish Upon A Star.

“Before saying our wedding vows, I Do, I Do, I Do was played and the guests accompanied on kazoos (fun wind instruments). We danced to Come What May before exchanging rings. I’m A Believer was played when we left the church and people showered us with confetti,” Polly says.

The couple share a special bond,” says Polly’s mom, Janet. “They constantly check on each other, help each other and are very kind and thoughtful with each other,” she says.

“Polly is the bossy one, Joe is more down to earth. He adores her. They are totally at ease with each other and they each respect the other.”

Polly hopes their love story and wedding day will inspire other couples with special needs.

“My advice to other couples, especially young adults with special needs, is to live the dream, believe in yourselves and that anything can be possible,” Polly says.


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