‘Coupon queen’ saves enough to upgrade from tiny flat to two-bedroom house by chasing special offers

By Richard van Rensburg
20 August 2016

She calls it "extreme couponing".

Everything is becoming more expensive and it’s impossible to save money.

Or is it? Not for Laura Carrington, from Dudley in England.

By chasing every free product or special offer for years she has saved enough to upgrade to a spacious two-bedroom house to replace her cramped flat. It’s no exaggeration to call the friendly 36-year-old shop assistant the queen of special offers. It’s estimated that Laura managed to save about £10 000 (about R180 000). And that’s only since about five years ago when she started keeping track of how she was cutting household expenses by means of “extreme couponing”, among other methods.

She has always been sensible when it comes to shopping, hunting for bargains and not insisting on buying particular brand names, Laura says in a blog. But about five years ago she really began to chase special offers.

It wasn’t long before she would never go shopping without her file full of money saving coupons of all kinds that she’d collected. She also started combing the internet for hours in search of bargains.

Once within a month she collected 60 client magazines of a well-known supermarket to derive full benefit from a hefty discount coupon. In this way she built up such a big supply of fabric softener that she even donated a few bottles to her local food bank.

“Chasing special offers soon led to online competitions,” she says. They’re not her main focus but she’s had a few wins – such as a year’s supply of toilet paper and a pre-filled Visa card with which she paid a lot of bills in advance.

She has collected so much free canned food thanks to electronic promotion coupons that can be repeatedly reprinted that she’s been able to donate some to charity.

The Crazy Couponing Mom, as she calls herself, has filled a pantry under the stairs at home and three freezers with so much food she and her family would be able to survive a world catastrophe.

By means of careful timing Laura also takes full advantage when leading supermarket groups cut the prices on goods close to their sell-by dates. She freezes the goods for later use.

Thanks to her comprehensive bargain and special offer strategy “we spend as little as £60 (R1 070) on groceries – and that’s for a household of three and a cat,” says Laura, who is mom to five-year-old Regan.

Through her Facebook pages (including “Coupon Clippers” with hundreds of photos of special offers), Instagram and her blogs she delivers a free service to others.

“I really enjoy sharing my hobby with others in such a way that helps them save on shopping,” she says.

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