Creepy... Emma Stone's grandfather's ghost leaves her money

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20 July 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress Emma Stone claims that the ghost of her grandfather leaves her quarters as a present, whilst on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Emma Stone believes her dead grandfather leaves her money. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress began to notice that quarters would mysteriously appear wherever she went, and believes they are a gift from her late grandfather.

'There's a long family history with quarters'

Talking to David Letterman on the Late Show With David Letterman Emma explained: "There's a long family history with quarters. My grandfather leaves quarters. It's just amazing.

"It's him! It's absolutely him."

Naturally confused, the veteran TV host needed to clarify her story. He said: "This is your late grandfather, and you find a quarter, 'Oh, I bet that's from granddad?'"

The red haired beauty then joked: "Yes. Who I never met! It's exactly like that. It's that. It's such a long story that you'd have to go to commercial five times and roll to a clip and then come back and I'd still be telling the story. But it's him! You guys, it's him."

Luckily, Emma isn't afraid of ghosts after she explained that she found the mysterious coins "magical".

When David implied her story would be better if there was some scientific proof behind it, the 25-year-old actress quipped: "That's the joy of it! It's not a logical thing - it's magical."

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