Creepy or incredible? This 3D tattoo will make your head spin!

By Kirstin Buick
27 March 2015

Breathtaking and scary all at the same time. You won’t believe your eyes – and that’s probably the exact aim of this weird example of body art.

Photographs of this bizarre work of art have spread around the world like a cyber fever.

Ingenious technique and the three-dimensional effect make it look as if a chunk of flesh really is being cut out of someone’s arm.

The optical illusion has already sparked a lot of controversy around the world. Some see it as a remarkable work of art, while others think it goes too far.

Tony Booth of Dabs Tattoos in Southport in die UK is the mastermind behind the tattoo that‘s causing such a fuss. You can see it, together with other unreal designs, on World of Tattoo’s Facebook page.

Check out the video:

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