Cyberbullies target Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son

By Kirstin Buick
24 January 2017

We need to talk about Barron Trump.

Poor Barron Trump! Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son has been at the receiving end of cyberbullying for some time, but things came to a head on Friday when his dad was inaugurated as new US president.

Let's talk for a little bit about Barron Trump. Barron is the 10 year old son of Donald Trump. I have seen a great deal of jokes made about this young man, often teasing him. Though I may be a staunch opposer to his father, I know it is basic human decency to leave Barron alone. He is a child, and he does not choose whose cradle he lands in. The hatred that we direct toward his father should NEVER in any way outstretch to him. There is a massive difference between resisting against a political leader and bullying a child. He suffers enough in seeing his father face arguably the most negative attention of any political figure in our time. I urge all reputable activists and protesters to KEEP BARRON OUT of this situation, and OUT of posts if you do not have anything nice to say. Thank you friends, and have a lovely Sunday afternoon. ~Alistair #trump #donaldtrump #barrontrump #barron #usa #trumpfamily #blm #blacklivesmatter #feminism #feminist #immigrants #refugees #blmm

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One of the worst tweets came from Katie Rich, writer of American TV programme Saturday Night Live. She tweeted: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter." When people started criticising her she deleted the tweet and later shut down her account. Read more: Melania Trump flawless in off-the-shoulder gown at string of inauguration balls – but daddy’s girl Ivanka steals the show

Not a fan of this at all no matter how much you dislike somebody leave the children out of it very poor taste on #KatieRich @nbcsnl

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Modern Family actress Julie Bowen was also shot down when she ridiculed Barron in a flurry of posts on Instagram. Next to one photo where the boy looks during his dad’s inauguration, she writes: “I think Barron is on his Gameboy. Can't say I can blame him.”

I think Barron is on his Gameboy. Can't say I can blame him.

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Several of her posts also used the hashtag #barronforpresident. With one photo where Barron seems upset and is holding his head, she writes “Barron, a voting majority shares your horror. #barronforpresident” Read more: ‘The carnage stops right here and now’: Trump’s ‘combatitive’ speech receives mixed response

Barron, a voting majority shares your horror. #barronforpresident

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Katie and Julie aren’t the only personalities who have been pulled up over their insensitive comments about Barron. His mom, first lady Melania Trump, has already threatened TV personality Rosie O'Donnell with a lawyer’s letter after Rosie said on social media she believes Barron might be autistic because of how he behaves in a video she shared on social media. Rosie later apologised to Melania on social media. Meanwhile former US president Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, has rushed to the defence of Barron in the latest bullying incident. But in the same breath she also urged her fans to oppose some policies of Barron’s dad she believes will be detrimental for children. Read mor

This hasn’t gone down well with some of her followers on social media.

But others supported her.


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