Cyclist suffers horrific burns after his smartphone EXPLODES in his pocket

By admin
02 August 2016

The last thing that Gareth Clear was thinking during his Sunday bike ride in Sydney, was that his iPhone would explode and injure him.

When Gareth Clear set off on his Sunday morning bike ride, he absentmindedly slipped his iPhone into his back pocket.

When his foot slipped from the pedal, the 36-year-old from Sydney in Australia hit the ground and suffered a few scrapes. But what happened next would be a lot more painful. "I suddenly saw this incredible plume of smoke," he said. "And there was a searing pain that went along with it – as though someone had pushed a huge block of ice against my leg." The "block of ice" was his iPhone, which had exploded in his pocket.

A part of his pants was melted away by the phone.

His fingers were burnt when he tried to remove phone from the skin on his thigh and he ended up having to use his fist to force the phone off of his skin.

"It was pretty freaking painful," said Gareth of ther shocking incident.

He definitely thinks that it was a freak accident. With his fall a part of the phones lithium battery became exposed and it caused the handset to explode.

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Gareth suffered third degree burns and spent six days hooked up to a machine which sucked the dead, burnt skin out of his wound.

Apple has apparently since made contact with Gareth to try and investigate the matter.

Could your phone explode?

Gareth’s iPhone is not the first to explode. In 2014 a grade 8 learner of Maine in the US suffered burn wounds when her iPhone 5C exploded in her back pocket.

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As she sat down, she heard a bang and the phone started to heat up. Like in Gareth’s case she first noticed the bang and then felt the burn.

Two incidents were also reported in the Czech Republic where two iPhone 3G’s batteries blew up like balloons, but fortunately did not explode.

But it doesn’t only happen to iPhone products.

According to reports an estimated 100 smartphones (out of the millions that exist) have exploded in this manner.

Any smart phone which uses a lithium battery, runs the risk of exploding. Three of the main reasons why it happens is as a result of:

1. Over-heating

2. Overloading (excessive use?)

3. Large amount of pressure placed on the phone

It is suggested that you only use the charger which you received with your phone. Don’t take short cuts and buy one on any street corner.

If you are one of those who lets their phone charge simply because you don’t feel like unplugging it – be careful. Unplug your phone the moment it’s fully charged.

Lastly, a smart phone in your back pocket is not wise – it places too much pressure on the handset and can also lead to other damage – like screen damage, which can be costly too repair.


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