Dad awaiting heart transplant flies across the country to surprise daughter before wedding

By Samantha Luiz
12 June 2015

It was a day he wasn’t about to miss.

It was a day he wasn’t about to miss.

Heart failure patient Andre Pearson’s daughter, Alexandra was getting married. Her wedding was to be held in California while he was hospitalised thousands of miles away in Rochester, Minnesota.

'I felt that I could do more'

His doctors told he was too sick to travel and would have to watch the wedding on his computer.

“I felt that I could do more. I felt that we could do more. And not to be able to walk her down the aisle and not to even be able to stand up and say, ‘I am the one who will give her away.’ I felt that I let her down.” He told KESQ.

Luckily, his fate changed when a hospital staff member offered to escort him to the wedding. He then asked his family to help pull off the surprise.

Alexandra was overwhelmed by hr father’s gesture.

“It was just amazing to have him sickness and all here and it just made me feel really happy and whole and complete.”

Watch videos of Andre’s emotional gesture to his daughter


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