Dad calms self-harming daughter with dagga – even though he knows he's breaking the law

By Marelize Potgieter
03 March 2017

A father from Texas is breaking the law by treating his autistic daughter, who harms herself, with medical marijuana.

A father from Texas in the US is breaking the law by treating his autistic daughter, who harms herself, with medical marijuana.

Kara Zarter (17) and her twin sister, Keely, were born at 26 weeks and just 10 hours after they were born Kara had bleeding on the brain. Now she suffers from cerebral palsy as well as severe autism. She has episodes where she seriously harms herself.

“I live in Texas and illegally treat my daughter [Kara] with cannabis,” writes her father, Mark Zartler, in the subtitles of a video he shared on Facebook last month. “We are telling our story in an effort to change Texas law.

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“Kara has always had a team of doctors. We continue to evaluate her treatment options. She currently takes eight prescription medicines. We're not anti-doctor. Cannabis is the best medicine, by far, for halting acute behaviours," he writes.

“This video shows a typical treatment and outcome. The treatment is vaporized cannabis. Vapour is not harmful. It is not smoke. High-THC cannabis treatments always work. They stop Kara's acute behaviours 100% of the time. It stabilises her mood within minutes. Her good mood usually lasts all day.

“We've observed no developmental slippage or negative side effects. On the contrary, she's made remarkable developmental progress over the last year. Improved awareness and focus. Gains in life skills.”

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Mark shared the post to garner support for the legalization of medical cannabis.

In South Africa dagga is currently illegal but when President Jacob Zuma signs an amendment law on medicines and related substances in May this year, licenses will be issued so that people can grow and distribute medical cannabis.

A calm Kara on her birthday last year after she was treated with cannabis.

Source: Washington Post

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