Dad chokes 14-year-old daughter for sharing nude photos of Snapchat

By Pieter van Zyl
05 January 2017

What would you do if you came across nude photos of your daughter on social media?

A father in the American state of Tennessee was recently arrested by police for attacking his daughter after seeing explicit photos of herself on Snapchat. He has been granted bail of about R27 000, according to the police report on his arrest.

Christian Amason (45) was arrested on Sunday after admitting that he’d grabbed his 14-year-old daughter by the throat and started strangling her because she wouldn’t allow her mother to give her a hiding over the nude photos.

The teenager was at home with her mom in North Hickory Valley Road, Harrison, when they started arguing about the photos she’d shared on social media.

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When Christian – who weighs more than 129 kg – arrived home he slapped his youngest daughter in the face, on her back and legs.

She fled to her room but her angry parents followed her, which led to more angry words being exchanged.

That’s when Christian grabbed her by the throat with both hands and strangled her until she couldn’t breathe.

Six hours later the girl called her older sister and asked her to come and fetch her so she could report the incident to the police. She still had red marks on her body.

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Both parents admitted hitting their daughter. Christian said he’d lost his temper and repeatedly hit and strangled his daughter.

He has been charged with child abuse and neglect. It’s unclear if he has hired a lawyer and what his punishment could be if he’s found guilty.


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