Dad 'crucifies' his son in the street for not doing his homework

By Petrus Malherbe
04 March 2017

A father from China’s Yongchuan district swore that it was “just a joke” when he hung his 10-year-old son to a homemade cross because he hadn’t done his homework.

Neighbours took a shocking photo showing the little boy tied to the cross.

When the father heard from his son’s teacher that he hadn’t done his homework, he let his son kneel on a crate and tied his hands to a wooden frame.

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The young school boy was apparently only taken down “hours later”. It’s unclear whether the father thought that the ordeal would teach his son to always do his homework.

The father, who manage a fruit shop, also has it in for the neighbor who took a picture of the crucified boy on the crate.

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According to reports he plans to take legal action against the neighbor because the pictures were taken and shared without his permission.

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail

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