Dad doesn't want his daughter to get hurt – so he secretly has his legs waxed

By Kim Abrahams
24 June 2017

There’s nothing quite like a father’s protective love for his little girl.

There's nothing quite like a father's protective love for his little girl.

One American dad went to unusual lengths to guard his daughter against unnecessary pain. Reddit user carlinha1289 recently shared the touching story.

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When she was 16, she wanted to have her legs waxed for her upcoming high school prom. She says her dad wasn't keen on the idea, as most dads don't want to know their daughters are becoming grownups.

Her mom wasn't the type who'd ever engaged in activities with her. “Which was fine but also sucked when it came to me wanting to try things such as manicures, waxing, bra shopping and what not,” she wrote.

Her dad was the one who was always willing to do the more "girly things" her mom wasn't up for, so she never felt like she was missing out.

But the leg waxing was one too much for her dad. “My dad was very hesitant. He first said no, not yet, but as prom was approaching I became more and more insistent and he just said fine, that he'd do some research and book an appointment.” There was one condition: no upper legs.

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“We convinced him to do a couple inches from my knees because . . . Dresses and skirts. But not more than that.”

So she had her legs waxed, went to the prom, and carried on with her life. She went back to the same salon a number of times over the years, but eventually moved away and lost contact with the beauty therapist.

She recently returned to the salon after not going for five years and it was while catching up that she heard what her father had done years ago.

“She told me that before my first appointment, my dad had called her and booked an appointment for himself.

“He spoke to her about her techniques and what-not. He requested a full leg shave and she was happy to oblige.

“After he was done, he told her that he really didn't enjoy any of it but that his 16-year-old daughter wanted to have her legs waxed and that he wanted to try it first.

“He booked an appointment for me that very same day.”

But her dad's refusal to let her have her upper legs waxed was not because of modesty.

“The waxer says that he called the very next day saying he had bruising on his upper legs and that it hurt. The waxer said it was possible and somewhat common, so he vetoed the upper leg for me.”

Many Redditors praised the dad for his thoughtful gesture.

“Man this is incredible. He went through it himself to make sure it'd be ok for you. That's parenthood right there,” one wrote.

Another admired the dad for his bravery at enduring the painful experience: “As a man with fairly hairy legs this made me cringe so hard, your dad is a braver man than I am.”  


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