Dad gets massive chest tattoo that matches his baby son's heart surgery scar

By Pam Magwaza
01 May 2017

His son was born with half a heart.

Any parent watching their child go through something painful will likely wish they could take that agony upon themselves.

So when Richard Davies' little boy was left with a large, painful-looking scar after open heart surgery, the devoted dad got one too.

Well, as close as he could get, at least.

The 29-year old's youngest son, Bobby, was born with Tricuspid Atresia, Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome and a Ventricular Septal Defect -- which meant that he had to undergo open heart surgery.

The invasive procedure was a success -- but Bobby was left with a massive scar that spanned the length of his chest. Not wanting his son to ever feel alone in this, Richard decided to get a matching 'scar' tattooed on his chest to mimic his son's.

Bobby's mother Natasha told the The Mirror that she and her husband found out about Bobby's defect at 20 weeks.

"Our world came crashing down around us. Neither of us had any knowledge of congenital heart defects and didn't know what this would mean for our baby," she said.

She added that they were given three options: surgery when he was born, supportive comfort care (meaning they would let him be born with no intervention and allow him to live for as long as he could), or a terminating the pregnancy.

"As you can imagine at 22 weeks gestation, I was inconsolable but my husband and I both knew straight away that we would fight for our baby, no matter what. So we did. I had frequent scans and was monitored closely for the rest of my pregnancy," she said.

And their risk paid off.

Bobby was born at St Michael's Hospital in Bristol, England in July weighing 3kgs and breathing on his own, meaning that he didn't need to have the surgery right away.

He then had his surgery at three months and will have another surgery when he is three and five years old to support his heart as he grows.

Richard got his tattoo so that his son never has to be the only one with a scar.

"His tattoo of Bobby's scar will remind him forever that he isn't alone, and we will be there for him all the way," said Natasha.

The parents have started a Just giving page to raise awareness about their son's rare condition and to raise funds for his surgery.

Source: Viral Thread, Daily Mirror,

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