Dad quizzes toddler about love in hilarious video

By Samantha Luiz
10 February 2016

This dad asked his almost 15-month-old daughter to explain the true meaning of love.

Knowing how complicated love can be, this father sought a way to make things as simple as possible.

La Guardia Cross, from Florida, realized that the best way to "uncomplicate anything is to ask my daughter about it."

As you can imagine, the result is hilarious.

La Guardia, who has a YouTube channel called New Father Chronicles, begins the Q&A by asking daughter Amalah to finish the sentence "Love is..."

"Bull," the toddler replies.

He goes on to ask her more love-related questions, including gifting and how to tell when you've found the right person.

"It's easier with the vow," the adorable toddler responds, assisted by her dad's captions.

The captions also translate her 'baby talk', allowing her to deliver classic lines such as "When you're dumb, you're dead to me".

"OMG can we get her a television show?" a YouTube user commented on the post, which has garnered over 84 000 views in a week.

In a beautiful gesture, La Guardia hands his daughter a hand-written card that is a symbol of his "own heart which became yours the moment you were born."

cross 1
In true Amalah fashion, she tears and bites into the card, causing her dad to (rightfully) declare her a heartbreaker.

The father, who enjoys vlogging about being a dad, believes it's important that his little girl learns about love from an early age.

"I think modeling love is the most important thing right now because she watches and tries to copy everything," says La Guardia.

"What we say about it will matter, too, but she'll always be watching to see if I do what I say. The relationship between my wife and I will be her relationship template."

Watch the funny video below


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