Dad takes on the role of mom for a day - and soon admits defeat in hilarious Facebook post

By Samantha Luiz
01 June 2016

It's not easy being mom.

It's not easy being mom.

"You know when your wife always says 'I wish I could be the dad' and you're like ... It's the same thing'," begins Brad Kearns' viral Facebook post.

"Well sit back, relax, grab a drink, some popcorn, clear your schedule and hold onto your bootlaces because I'm about to take you on a ride that could only be likened to a backwards 100mph roller coaster that takes you through waterfalls of vomit, shit and lots of tears. And once you're finished with yours you will move onto the children's."

It all started when the 27-year-old father received a text from his wife, Sarah, saying her liver had failed. After she was admitted to hospital, it was up to Brad to look after the kids.

"And that’s when I became the mom."

Fast forward 24 hours and a "Law & Order scene change beat would be appropriate about now."

At this point, the house is "trashed" and "rations reduced to tiny teddies, gravy stock, tea bags and a clear lack of defrosted meat". "As the night rolls on and my patience wears thin; I reduce myself to keeping Knox quiet by allowing him to place stickers on my (very hairy) legs. He was being quiet... 'It's okay, I can shave them off in the morning' was the thought. 'Just don't wake Finn".

And just when you thought things couldn't possibly get worse, there's a knock at the door.

"Have you ever been in a situation where someone walked in on you doing something you shouldn't be? That's the feeling I got when I opened the door to my mother in law."


"So there I was; unshaven, hair a mess, wearing the pants and socks from the day before and a hoodie covering up the fact I had no shirt on. Hadn't showered, not yet brushed my teeth, Knox comes running out in his sleeping bag asking for a new Yoghurt muesli bar to be opened," he revealed, adding that that "Knox's noodles were still in a bowl on the table, stickers stuck to the goddamn lounge, the house an absolute mess."

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#dadmumlife do you let your kids help you?

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Brad's hilarious post has been shared more 17 400 times, with many users applauding his honesty.

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"Totally awesome, dude congrats for having the gutts to take on the role (majority of guys would call the in laws in).. Keep it up," commented Caroline Cameron.

Another added, "You didn't fail. Kids were fed and still actually alive...that is so totally a win in my book. (From a parent in sole charge at all times of three children of varying ages and abilities)"

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