Dads all over the world had a ball with the Cheerio Challenge – but now their tots are getting revenge!

By admin
24 June 2016

This might just be the cutest internet craze we've ever seen.

It takes just one person to invent one of the strangest challenges, and a couple of thousand to get involved and make it go viral.

Patrick Quinn from Life of Dad sits beaming behind the latest craze: the Cheerio challenge.

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All you need is tons of Cheerios and a sleeping child. The fun begins when you start stacking the Cheerios on your unsuspecting little one's head, nose or body – before they wake up!

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Thousands of dads got involved and shared the results of their mischief-making online -- but now the kids are getting their own back with #CheerioRevenge.
Okay, so mom probably lent a helping hand. But if she was the one who had to clean up all the Cheerios after dad had finished stacking, we don't blame her!

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Here are some of our favourites:

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