Dangerous times – man killed for SMSing in a cinema and 5 other bizarre murders

By admin
04 February 2014

We’ve all had murderous thoughts over stupid things but some people actually can’t control their rage as these bizarre examples show.

Serial texters beware! A 71-year-old retired police officer was arrested for shooting and killing a fellow moviegoer when the man wouldn’t stop texting. Curtis Reeves shot Chad Oulson in Tampa, Florida, in the US after he insisted he put his phone away. Chad explained he was sending a message to his daughter and a row erupted. It was too much to bear for Curtis, who pulled out his pistol and fired, injuring Chad’s wife in the process.

This may seem like such a trivial reason to be killed – but it’s not the most bizarre of reasons. Last month on Christmas Eve a Durban shopowner was killed after he accidentally knocked the cellphone out of the hand of a shopper in a busy mall.  Allan Reddy bumped into a guy and quickly apologised. He tried to pick up the cellphone but he was punched in the throat. He bumped his head and died almost instantly.

Psychologists say incidents like these are often brought on by every day stresses combined with the elements or the environment at the time of the incident. But there must be something very wrong with us if we can’t control our anger over seemingly trivial issues.

Here are other examples.

Did you order the cable, honey?

In 2011 New Yorker Thomas Scala beat his wife, Blanche, to death with an ashtray because she failed to honour his request to order the premium cable bouquet (like DStv) while he was hospitalised over the Thanksgiving holidays.

 Stay off my property line!

Last year American Roy Sewell argued with his neighbour over a fence that divided their properties. Both men were armed. Sewell, apparently acting in self-defence, fired shots over the fence killing his 71-year-old neighbour.

Your chewing is interrupting Natalie Portman!

A Latvian man was killed after the credits rolled at a screening of Black Swan in 2011. He had apparently complained about the loud popcorn chewing of one of the fellow patrons. The offender, who was a police officer, waited until the end of the movie to shoot the complainant.

Damn you, Auto Correct!

Englishman Josef Witkowski was murdered after an argument with his neighbour and friend Neil Brook. Neil says his autocorrect changed the word “Mutter” to “nutter”, which angered Josef. The two went on arguing until a frustrated Neil attacked Josef leaving him with 104 injuries, including the fatal blow to his chest.

What? No poppadoms?

An Indian chef was stabbed to death in 2012 for refusing to serve poppadoms at his restaurant. But this wasn’t the most bizarre death in India – in the space of a year there were a long list of bizarre reasons for deaths in Delhi. These include a young boy being beaten to death with his own cricket bat because he insisted he wasn’t bowled out and another being killed because he knocked over someone’s chicken tikka masala when he opened his car door.

-       Gilda Narsimdas

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