Daniel Craig: Camera phones ruined my social life!

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30 August 2015

Daniel Craig doesn’t like “being f**ked with” when he’s out for a drink.

The James Bond actor is notoriously private, and since reaching new heights of fame as 007, he finds it even harder to enjoy himself out in public. While he doesn’t mind being asked for an autograph, he cannot abide people taking photographs of him on the sly.

“Bars are hard, but that’s more because of mobile phones. I’ll do autographs all day long, and I’ll even do a picture at the end of an evening,” he explained to DuJour magazine. “But if I’m being photographed all night long in a bar, that p***es me off. If you ask, I may say yes, but come up to me and say, “Would you like to take a photograph with me?” If you’re f**king sneaking photographs of me … it’s human nature, you’re sneaking something! I’m being f**ked with! But people don’t see it as a problem. Maybe I’m delusional.”

'Maybe I’m delusional'

The 47-year-old has been used to photographers and dealing with fans for many years, having starred in movies including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Layer Cake. But since the development in technology, camera phones and social media, the Brit has found it harder to adjust.

“There were phones back then, but nobody used the cameras. Or there was a rule, if someone did it, you’d be like, ‘What the f**k are you doing?!’” he recalled. “My wife [Rachel Weisz] is the best in the world at all that, she’ll just turn to them and go, ‘No, thank you very much,’ and they’re like, ‘OK.’”

Daniel can’t help but feel sad that he can’t go unnoticed any more, particularly when he wants to go out and socialise.

“I mourn it slightly. I like to have a drink, and I love pubs and I love finding new pubs and places to socialise. But that has a limit on it now,” he said.

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