Danny K's new sound

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22 May 2013

Local pop sensation Danny K is back with a soulful, funky offering

South African heart-throb, celebrity and house-hold name, Danny K is back with something fresh, something sexy, and something bold.

And we’ve spoken to him about he’s first single and newly released video ‘Brown Eyes’ off his sixth studio album due for release in September.

What can we expect with your new album due for release in September?

Danny K: Well, it’s a very different sound from I guess anything I’ve done previously. So, it’s a lot more house’ish, dance’ish, but it’s also mixed with funk elements, very retro sounding. There are Prince moments, Michael Jackson moments, some 80’s and house grooves from the 90’s - so it’s quite a different sound in fact to a lot of things that are even on the radio so I am taking a bit of a chance pushing the boundaries. It’s quite similar to what Brown Eyes sounds like if you know what I mean.

The closest thing I can think of is Robin Thicke.

Danny K: Well it’s kinda like that.I would say it’s also got a bit of a South African twist to it in terms of the House elements. But it’s like soul, dance music.

Have you released the name of the album yet?

Danny K: I haven’t ‘cos I don’t have one yet (laughs). It’s something I still have to come up with. At the moment I’m just calling it 6 ‘cos it’s my sixth album. So like, the working title is 6 – whether it’s called 6 or not – I’m not sure (laughs).  

Tell us about the music video for brown eyes and what was the inspiration behind it?

Danny K: I just wanted to do something a little bit grown-up and sexy. It comes with my personal style – you know, of wearing a suit in the video – is something that I’m comfortable in these days. And obviously I wanted some beautiful girls in the video – some eye-candy, for the boys out there. The creative concept was done by a great production company from Cape Town, called Fort Films. So yeah – I’m very happy with how it came out. It’s got about 8 000 hits on YouTube in about two days so people seem to be watching it which is a good sign. 

How’s married life treating you?

Danny K: Wonderfully! (laughs) It’s because of that - that I am able to hopefully make good, happy music. Yeah, I’m very grateful.

And if the rest of the album is anything as good as the smooth and soulful dance track that is Brown Eyes then we can expect it to be quite the hit locally and internationally.

The song has already been a hit on the download front, as Danny K revealed via his official Facebook page, “#BrownEyes is now in the TOP 5 South African downloaded songs on the iTunes music store - appreciate the luv #DownloadLegally”

See the official music video for Brown Eyes and tell us what you think?


Danny K video behind the scenes

Danny K video images

-  Faiza Mallick

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Danny K Official Facebook Page

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