Daredevil couple's flaming arrow trick goes horribly wrong on America’s Got Talent

By Mieke Vlok
04 August 2015

Actually, horribly wrong may be an understatement.

A daredevil pair from the US’s 15 minutes of fame went horribly wrong when they took part in one of the country’s most popular reality television shows.

Amber-Lynn Walker and her fiancé, Ryan Stock, shot her boyfriend with a flaming arrow when they performed their act on America's Got Talent on Thursday evening.

The couple did a few tricks for the judges, which included Simon Cowell and model Heidi Klum, before Amber-Lynn fired the fated arrow.

Ryan swallowed a sword with a special mark on the back which indicated a target for her to shoot at, but she shot too low and the arrow went straight towards his neck.

In a video of the trick you can see how Ryan grabs for his throat while the shocked judges stare at the unlucky couple. Simon insisted that Ryan be taken to hospital immediately.

Luckily Ryan wasn’t harmed during the accident. He wrote on Facebook that the accident wasn’t Amber’s fault but that there was a technical fault with the bow.

Sources: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, BuzzFeed

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