Daring dame! Judi Dench wants a tattoo

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29 January 2015

Dame Judi Dench is “tempted” to get a tattoo to mark her birthday.

The James Bond star celebrated her 80th birthday in December. And to mark the milestone, the British actress is considering getting a special inking done.

“I am tempted to have a tattoo to mark my birthday,” she told Good Housekeeping. “My daughter Finty is very keen on me having one. There’s an Indian symbol that I like which supposedly represents life and love and everything.”

It’s no surprise that Judi is considering an Indian inking as she has spent a lot of time in the country filming The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and more recently its sequel. But she wants to get a second opinion before committing to the body art in case she ends up with something entirely different in meaning.

“A cameraman who worked on The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel told me what it meant, but I’m a bit nervous in case I’m being set up... it might be unbelievably rude,” she laughed.

This would be the Oscar winner’s first tattoo, despite previous reports that she already had one on her bum. It was Hollywood folklore that Judi had paid homage to producer Harvey Weinstein after he cast her as Queen Victoria in Mrs Brown. However she now admits it wasn’t a permanent mark of affection.

“He still thinks it’s tattooed. My make-up lady painted it on,” she confessed. “He didn’t believe me so I showed him.”

Despite her advancing years, Judi does her best to keep up with the younger generation. And during the interview, she revealed she often asks her family to explain new fangled things she doesn’t understand.

“My grandson sent a text that said ‘see u l8r’. I had to text him back to ask what it meant,” she revealed. “Another one is ‘YOLO’, which means you only live once. I love that I know that.”

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