Dashcam captures shocking moment traffic officer is shot at on N2

By admin
21 January 2016

A police officer's dashboard camera captured the moment a passer-by shot at him at point-blank range.

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube yesterday, shows Cape Town traffic officer Nizaam Alexander pulling over a Mercedes on the N2.

While he goes about talking to the driver, a man walking by doubles back and takes out a gun to rob the policeman.

His weapon initially appears to jam, but he eventually approaches Nizaam and opens fire on the bewildered officer.

Nizaam quickly draws his own weapon and fires back. The man flees, with Nizaam in pursuit.

Off camera, it appears the shooter escapes. But Nizaam comes back into view, calmly walking back to the Mercedes and issuing the driver a fine.

According to the YouTube caption, Nizaam won the City of Cape Town Traffic Services Departmental Officer of the Year Award for his dedication to serving the public.

Additional source: YouTube/Safeley Home, The Citizen, Netwerk24

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