Dating website for adulterers

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15 June 2012

He’s been called morally reprehensible and the most hated man on the internet. But Noel Biderman (40) brushes off the slurs with a shrug.

He’s just filling a gap in the market, he says – people have cheated since time immemorial and they always will. He’s just providing cheaters with a platform to have an affair “safely”.

“People want a villain, someone they can blame. But adultery is as old as time. You can’t suddenly blame me for people cheating.”

Noel is the founder of, which, as the blurb reads, is “the premier matchmaking website for aspiring adulterers”.

He set up the site in 2002 and it’s become the fastest-growing social media site in the world after Facebook.

Now Noel, a Canadian sports attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and his South African-born wife, Amanda (37), are promoting their pay-service website in SA.

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