David Duchovny: X-Files will shock you

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03 August 2015

David Duchovny has warned The X-Files fans the reboot won't be the same as the much loved original.

The sci-fi hit burst on to TV screens in 1993, running for nine seasons and making global stars out of David and his co-star Gillian Anderson.

A movie was made in 2008, but after 13 years off the small screen fans can't wait for the TV show to return next year for a six-episode run.

'I can't be the same and we are not the same'

"I am a better actor and Gillian is a better actor, and we get to bring those changes and abilities to the roles as they are written and as they were established. The X-Files is not going to be the same. I can't be the same and we are not the same. We are not the same performers," David explained to SFX magazine.

Since filming wrapped in 2002 David has had a string of TV hits, including Aquarius and Golden Globe and Emmy-winning Californication.

It's didn't take long for the 54-year-old to get back into the swing of things as X-File's Fox Mulder; although he did struggle with getting his tongue around the complicated science fiction lingo.

"It felt very familiar, I thought, 'Let's do it; let's do these characters.' Unfortunately I had about five pages of expositional dialogue and that was interesting because I hadn't been asked to say that kind of c**p in a long time. There were things like 'electrogravitic propulsion'. You say that!" he laughed.

"That's just a titbit, but there were five pages of it. It was great that that was the first day because it was like, 'OK, this is how the guy speaks. This is the world we are in. Let's get in shape for it.’"

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