David Guetta talks midlife meltdown

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26 November 2014

David Guetta is having a midlife crisis.

David Guetta is having a midlife crisis. The 47-year-old star has had a tough time recently, splitting from his wife of 22 years, Cathy, in March. He has two children with his ex, and is finding their divorce difficult. "It's kind of a midlife crisis," he sighed to French newspaper Le Parisien.

'I'm questioning everything. My music, what's important to me'

"I'm [47] and I've always been a really happy guy. I shared that with Cathy. We were putting that image across, and it was the truth.

"For many years, my life was synonymous with party. When you're into that, you never settle down. Right now, I'm in a midlife crisis. I'm questioning everything. My music, what's important to me. There were things I thought were important that are less so now."

While he was open about the way the divorce has made him feel, he didn't want to go into why he and Cathy split.

He also let all this emotion filter into his new album Listen, which was released earlier this month.

"It took me three years [to record Listen] and for eight months nothing came out! I couldn't go forward. That's never happened to me. It was linked to my personal life and also to the end of a musical cycle," he explained.

"I show a lot more emotion. This is my most personal album. I show my more vulnerable side. Usually, I'm a control freak; I'm planning my life for the next two years. And when I was no longer in control of my life, I was absolutely terrified. There are songs about that."

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