Day of the Dinos – the great set-up begins!

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25 July 2014

It's just a matter of days until the Days of the Dinosaurs exhibition opens. Here's a sneak peek into the mammoth-sized set-up.

Imagine seeing a Tyrannosaurus rex, close-up, its giant eyes blinking slowly as it ponders its next meal. Imagine it starts breathing heavily, its neck and jaw moving hungrily. Then it roars, shaking the ground!


Very soon you will be able to experience the exiting world of the dinosaurs, when 45 life-sized prehistoric creatures make their way to Cape Town.

“It’s not just about seeing life-size dinosaurs. The exhibits have been designed to show people how dinosaurs really would have lived and moved centuries ago in their natural habitats,” says Edmund Beukes of Media24, who co-ordinates the organisation of the exhibition.


“The information presented in the exhibition has been put together by some of the world’s top palaeontologists and promises to hold a few interesting surprises for everyone,” he says.

The assembly of the 55-tons (55 274 kg) exhibition began on 25 July, with 25 people setting up the venue.


You’ll be able to get close to an 8-meter tall Brachiosaurus, and walk alongside a 13-meter long T. rex, in the educational and interactive 3,600m² exhibition.

Visitors can look forward to a 3D movie, a dinosaur-themed entertainment and food area, and a children’s play area.


The exhibition will be held at the Cape Town ICC from 31 July – 20 August.


Tickets are available from

Take note that weekend tickets are already sold out, so make sure you get yours soon.

- Megan Bursey

- Photographs: Corrie Hansen

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