Days’ Nadia and Bold’s Brandon at home

Their characters have battled all manner of nail-biting drama – including being stranded on a desert island, surviving cancer and a near-fatal car accident. 

But ask Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin (both 31) about the most stressful thing they’ve ever done and the soap-star couple instantly agree: renovating their California home.

When they bought the four-bedroom, three-bathroom, double-storey house on the outskirts of Los Angeles in July 2009 they knew they had a bit of a fixer-upper on their hands, Brandon and Nadia say, taking time out of their schedules to chat to YOU.

And no sooner had the renovation madness calmed down than along came a camera crew that followed Nadia and Brandon’s every move for months for a reality TV show called Dirty Soap.

Read more in Jared Orlin’s interview with the couple and get a peek inside their beautiful home in YOU 9 February 2012.