Days of wine and Rooses

By admin
30 April 2010

After yet another day of Isabelle’s trials and tribulations on the 7de Laan set, Illse Roos has one ritual she looks forward to when she gets home.

“I kick off my shoes, clean my face and pour myself a glass of wine. Or two if it has been a particularly difficult day,” she says.

She’s a red-wine girl, she says with smile. After all, she grew up on a wine farm near Stellenbosch.

“Every Sunday my parents would pour us kids a small glass of wine so we could also have a taste.

“I do the same now with my kids and they’re already able to describe the nose of a wine,” she says proudly.

She tries to learn her lines for the following day between filming at the studio so when she gets home she can devote all her attention to husband Gary Carlton and sons Luke (12) and Matthew (8).

Sometimes, once the boys are in bed and the lights are out, she’ll relax in a hot bath with a wad of scripts and try to learn her lines a week in advance “so they can sink in and mature”.

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