Days’ Sami on tragic baby plot

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22 June 2012

She’s had one helluva ride. She kidnapped her sister Belle, tricked Austin into sleeping with her and tampered with paternity test results. 

But nothing could prepare Sami Brady for the latest hurdle in her topsy-turvy life as Salem’s bad girl gone good: the death of a child.

Days of Our Lives fans were glued to their screens as Sami received the news that her daughter Grace, barely a year old, had contracted bacterial meningitis.

It’s been nail-biting viewing, especially if you’ve watched Days’ infamous baby-switch storyline from the start.

Dramatic? Complicated? Sure, but that’s what soap operas are all about, says Alison Sweeney (35), who plays the headstrong Sami. “And wait till you see what happens next,” she adds.

When she’s not playing Sami or hosting reality weight-loss show The Biggest Loser, Alison is mother to Ben (7) and Megan (3).

Critics have applauded her performance and Alison says she drew on her own experiences to play the harrowing scenes.

“It was so difficult to play the scenes when Sami lost Grace,” she admits when we call her on the soap’s Los Angeles set.

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