De Zalze: 'I feel I want to murder the people that are around you'

By Nombulelo Manyana
11 May 2017

Marli van Breda's ex-boyfriend once sent her a WhatsApp message saying he wanted to "murder" the people around her.

Marli van Breda's ex-boyfriend James Reade-Jahn once sent her a WhatsApp message saying he wanted to "murder" the people around her.

The message came to light in the Cape High Court on Thursday when James testified that he and Henri van Breda were good friends. On 10 January 2015, James sent the WhatsApp to Marli after an alleged argument that Marli had with her family. marliemoord James said that in the message he was referring to the people who were mean to Marli. The Van Breda's were concerned that the relationship between Marli and James was too serious. He also added that the argument had surrounded Marli's weight. Advocate Matthys Combrink, for Henri, confirmed that it was about the seriousness of their relationship.

James, a student at Stellenbosch University, read this message after State prosecutor Susan Galloway asked him to explain the context of it. According to James, Marli was upset after the Van Breda family had a serious argument at dinner, about Marli's weight. Teresa and Marli were apparently very upset, and advocate Matthys Combrinck put it to James that everyone agreed that Martin was a bit "too harsh" with Marli. James explained that his message was thoughtless he regrets that he ever sent it. It also came to light that his fingerprints were on one of the Van Breda's vehicles and that he had to give police an alibi to prove his whereabouts at the time of the murders.

While James testified about the family, Henri started crying. James met Marli in November 2013. <> >/center>

Marli was 16 years old when the gruesome murders took place.

She and Henri are the only survivors after Martin (54) and Teresa (55) van Breda and their son, Rudi (22) died on January 27, 2015 in the axe murder, in their home in De Zalze estate outside Stellenbosch.

Marli was seriously injured during the attack and had to spend six weeks in hospital. She suffered an axe wound to the head.

Henri (22), who is accused of axing his parents and brother to death and attempting to murder his younger sister Marli, sustained minor injuries in the attack.

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