Deaf dog taught sign language to increase chances of adoption

Volunteers at London’s Mayhew Animal Home are teaching a deaf dog sign language in the hopes it will make it easier for the pup to find a permanent home.

Gordon, a pit bull, has been living at the animal rescue centre for more than a year cause of his medical condition.

“Gordon’s been at The Mayhew far too long now. This intelligent, loving two year old is deaf as a post, but that doesn’t stop him kissing everyone and wagging his tail non-stop,” the shelter posted on their Facebook page in April.

'He is very affectionate'

Tired of seeing the sweet pup go on without being adopted, volunteers decided to give sign language a shot. And it’s working.

Gordon can now respond to the sign language commands for sit, stay and shake hands among others.

“He responds by wagging his tail (very enthusiastically), jumps to get more affection, and pats on the head when he’s done something right like sit, stay, stand, or walk. He is very affectionate,” said Eric Hugenberg, one of the volunteers.

Watch the video below: