Defence demands docket in Tokai Forest murder case

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28 July 2016

The police docket in the case of 16-year-old Franziska Blochliger's murder was not presented in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court where four men appeared on Thursday.

The court heard that the investigation into the Tokai Forest murder was complete and that the director of public prosecutions had decided to transfer the matter to the Western Cape High Court.

Lawyers for the accused objected to not having seen the docket on Thursday.

"The docket is apparently at the high court. In any normal matter where the docket is not before this court, the defence always has the right to say the matter can be struck off the roll," said attorney Monique Carstens.

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She said they had been "running blind" for four months because they did not know what was happening with the State's case.

The defence questioned how they would be able to prepare for a pre-trial conference in the high court under these circumstances.

The matter was postponed until August 15 so the defence could get a copy of the docket.

Accused's DNA found at crime scene

Jerome Moses and Daniel Easter, out on R2 000 and R1 000 bail respectively, looked relaxed in the dock.

The other two accused, Howard Oliver, whose DNA was found at the scene, and Jonathan Jonas, were brought up from the police cells because they did not apply for bail.

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The State indicated that an indictment (charge sheet) was being drawn up for the high court.

The teenager was found dead in Tokai Forest on March 7. She had been strangled and raped.

Her killers took her iPhone, watch, headset and diamond ring.

She had arranged to meet her mother after going jogging in the popular recreational area by herself. When she did not arrive at the agreed meeting place, the family began to worry.

A post-mortem found Franziska had been strangled and suffocated to death and sustained blunt-force trauma.

Sand was found in her throat and she had been raped vaginally and anally.

The accused are understood to have been linked to the crime through witness accounts and were found in possession of her belongings.


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