Demi Lovato plans healthy 2014

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20 December 2013

Demi Lovato is going to get super healthy in 2014.

Demi Lovato is going to get super healthy in 2014.

The 'Skyscraper' singer announced this week she is leaving the judging panel of 'The X Factor' in the US and now she has some time she's going to spent it on her own wellbeing.

She told "It is so important to me [to take time off]. I think we might do a few things here and there that I've committed to already or that I'm passionate about. When I work so much, I don't get a lot of sleep and I think I really want to get really fit and in shape and just get really healthy.

"I want to be rested mentally and spiritually - I think it's a month to recharge and I would love to have more than that but I've decided to go on tour as well."

Demi - who has previously been in rehab for addiction issues, an eating disorder and self-harm - added when she's talks about eating healthily, she doesn't necessarily mean dieting, as she doesn't like the connotations that word has.

She added: "It is just about eating healthy. I think that the word diet is so uncomfortable for me. It should be uncomfortable for a lot of people because they're such a stigma that comes with it related to trying to be a certain way and I think that just eating healthy and eating foods only foods that nourish your body is kind of what I am starting to do."

- Bang Showbiz

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