Demi Lovato was uncontrollable before rehab

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03 December 2013

Demi Lovato wishes she had listened to her parents and had distanced herself from the party lifestyle which eventually led her to rehab.

Demi Lovato admits fame made her feel invincible.

The 'Neon Lights' singer - who checked into rehab for addiction issues, an eating disorder and self-harming in 2010 - regrets not taking her parents' advice when she got caught up in the party lifestyle as a teenager and wishes she had been less headstrong.

She told the new issue of Nylon magazine: "My parents tried to control me, but I'd be like, 'Oh really, I'm grounded? Well, I pay the bills.' They did the best they could. And I think that's why a lot of young stars struggle when they're making money or providing for their family.

"My mentality was 'Work hard, play hard.' It was hard to listen to the word 'no.' I wanted to make my own rules. I thought that if I was adult enough to get there, then I could party like an adult. And obviously, I couldn't."

The 21-year-old starlet - who rose to fame on 'Barney & Friends' aged six - is hoping to shed her reputation as a fallen Disney star and hopes people will eventually stop talking about her past issues.

Demi - who is a judge on 'The X Factor' USA - said: "I would like to separate myself from being the girl who overcame her issues, or the Disney chick who ended up in rehab while she was still on Disney. I don't want people to hear my songs on the radio and be like, 'Oh, that's the girl who cut.' "

She is grateful to have helped so many troubled fans, however, and believes they share a special relationship because of her own issues.

The blue-haired singer added: "Now I have probably the best relationship between any artist and their fans, because I have no secrets."

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